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Construction of Industrial complex

Construction project of an industrial complex with modular surfaces. The production areas are located on the first floor with high ceilings, the checkrooms on the first floor (integrated into the first floor volume) and the administrative area on the second floor.

In order to avoid too much traffic, the parking spaces are along the access road and only soft mobility and unloading enter the complex via a one-way street.

Concerning the project, the complex being spread over the length of the plot, it was planned to trace the facades with vertical windows to visually add height to the buildings. Vegetated areas (roofs, patios, ...) are arranged to have a more pleasant atmosphere especially from the offices on the 2nd floor.

Key facts:

  • 8 production areas larger than 1'000m2 with the possibility to modulate

  • 8 office surfaces superior to 600m2

  • 2 wheel parking near the entrances

  • Covered areas for unloading

  • Terraces

  • East-West connection of the buildings by a passageway

  • One-way traffic inside the complex

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