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THE PROJECT Maisons Bellevie

Hartmann business developpement is proposing to build six vast triplex apartments of 164m2 each, with three distinct living areas, on rue des Préjurés, in Courroux (2822).

- a living space on the first floor

- a "children" area on the 1st floor

- a "parents" area on the 2nd floor

In addition, each house will have its own covered terrace with garden, two balconies, a parking space in the basement, a cellar and a laundry room.

Let's talk about money

Invest in a loan instead of paying rent!

Have you been thinking about buying a home for a long time, perhaps a first purchase? Bellevie homes allow you to become a homeowner when a loan for a single-family home would commit you for too long. 

How do you explain the particularly attractive purchase price of the semi-detached house?

 Very simply. First of all, the price of a large common area and the cost of construction are reduced compared to a single-family home. Moreover, built wall to wall on contiguous plots, your future house belongs to an architectural whole, which limits the costs of construction.  Think of the common construction of a slab, a single connection, a single common access to the road, to water, to drainage, to telecommunications, to electricity... So many factors that reduce the bill.
If this type of housing is for you, then don't deprive yourself of the advantages of the apartment and those of the individual house, for an average of 150 000


Other savings in perspective...

Consider that for the same surface area, your home will consume less energy than a conventional house. Having common walls, your home will be less exposed to bad weather, which limits heat loss to the outside. In concrete terms, you will save energy because the semi-detached house is less exposed to the winter climate and therefore saves on heating costs. Each house benefits from the heat emitted by its neighbors, with the common wall serving as a heat vector. It is estimated that the heating bill of a semi-detached house is 35% lower than that of a single-family home.

Another source of savings is that the lower value of your house is reflected in the local taxes, which are also lower.

Lastly, there is no risk of a bridging loan (and therefore the payment of rent on your old home): the construction of Maisons Bellevie should take about five months, compared to at least eight to nine months for a traditional house...

And in case of resale?

Generally speaking, semi-detached houses sell well, and they allow for a good capital gain on resale. Bellevie homes are located in a community where the project is welcome, and the project is located in an area well served by public transportation.

In addition, this project represents an aesthetically pleasing, well thought-out architectural ensemble of high quality construction.  Close to the Délémont East interchange, the location will increase demand. 

This possibility of resale is an advantage for families who one day wish to change for a more spacious individual house.


let's talk about security

In a semi-detached house, there is no access to the garden. Unwanted visitors can't get through the alleys via the garden or on the sides.

Moreover, your neighbors are in close proximity, and since you get along well with them, mutual surveillance can be arranged, which can reduce the risk of burglary. During your vacation, the presence of neighbors is a guarantee of security. A semi-detached housing estate is based on architectural harmony, but also on the harmony that reigns between its inhabitants, as in a multi-storey property in a building, never forget that you are not only buying a home, but also its setting, its neighbors... 

VUE AERIENNE 3 - 15H00 b.jpg

Let's talk about living well

Living in harmony with the planet with a less energy-intensive heating system means less CO2 is released into the environment. A single common access to the road, water, drainage, gas, telecommunications and electricity, it is as much work that will not be necessary.

A human approach

You play electric guitar without headphones all day, you tinker with the exhaust of your car every weekend, you party every night? An apartment or a semi-detached house is not for you.

The Bellevie houses are built with children in mind, and a common playground is available. 

As for noise, the soundproofing of Maisons Bellevie is a point on which we have particularly worked: xxx

It is a whole lifestyle that awaits you, something family and friendly. The societal aspect of being in direct proximity can be an advantage for sociable people. Buying a semi-detached house is in the air of time: as one does not live alone, even when working in a home office (especially when working in a home office!), it is better to stay close to friends, relatives in one's immediate environment, and why not, create lasting friendships for one's children.

Before buying, try to get together with your future neighbors. If everything goes well, it is an element that helps in the decision to buy...

Ground floor, first floor & second floor plan

A quality approach

Semi-detached houses are often criticized for having two fewer facades than a single-family home, and for having no windows, and therefore no light. But light is an essential point in our project. In addition to the zenithal light serving each level, the south-west oriented bay windows provide additional light.


The design of Maisons Bellevie aims to optimize each space while maintaining a feeling of grandeur thanks to an open volume from the first floor to the roof, a well of light that crosses all levels. 

2eme etage.jpg

An ecological approach

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